Siem Reap 112 – Pre Rup Temple

After the sunrise at Angkor Wat temple, we went to the Pre Rup temple which was located quite near to Angkor Wat temple. This temple is the cremation ground for the old kings and royal families. Built in 961 or early 962, it is a temple mountain of combined brick, laterite and sandstone construction.
Personally, I found this temple was one of the most beautiful temples in Angkor city. It was quite nicely conversed and had a solemn feel over it, maybe because of its history associated with death. The stairs led all the way up to the temple were huge until I was made so small in the picture below. Well I guessed I am tiny anyway. ^o^
Pre Rup temple is not a big temple and we probably spent slightly less than an hour there enjoying the morning breeze before the blistering hot sun took over the sky soon later.

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