Harbin Market (哈尔滨菜市场)

We went to a typical Harbin Market along the Guo Ge Li Street (果戈里大街) to check out what the average Harbin people would buy from the market. Well to our surprise they practically sell everything at a quite a clean & organized environment, perhaps we were lucky to pick this particular market. Things were absolutely cheap starting with few cents a piece of bread to few renminbi for a piece of BBQ pork. They sell anything from the famous Harbin red sausage (哈尔滨红肠) to Korean Kimchi to different Chinese snacks from all over the Chinese provinces.

A walk down the Harbin market

Famous Harbin Red Sausage

Pork Knuckles

Pig Brain anyone?

Yummy BBQ Pork

Various Cookies

Honey & Milk Bun

Honey & Milk Bun

Chinese Pan Cake


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