Restaurant Da Feng Shou (大丰收)

Restaurant Da Feng Shou a.k.a. Good Harvest Restaurant (大丰收) is a famous Harbin Dong Bei Restaurant (东北菜馆) in town where the locals would recommend. We went there at about 9pm and the place was packed. There were some show going on then an auction, and the waitresses were so hilarious with their clothes matched exactly the table cloth in the restaurant. Anyway back to the food, the portion was so huge that we practically only ate less than half of the food we ordered, but I had to say that the food was quite good and surprisingly cheap. Average price per dish was about RMB30, and really good value for money. If you can stand the typical noisy local chinese restaurant you should give this a try when you are visting Harbin.

Address/地址: 南岗区一曼街283号(近霁虹桥)Tel/电话: +86-451-53646824Business Hour/营业时间: 9:00-23:00

Restaurant Da Feng Shou (大丰收)Free Entertainment & Waitress Dressed Exactly Like the Table Cloth Dong Bei Chicken Dong Bei Little Potato

Fried Bun

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