Taipei 107 – My Obsession Over Taipei 101 (台北101)

Taipei 101 is the symbol of Tapei City, once the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101 stands tall among all the other building in Xin Yi area. We got out ticket at NT400 per person & took the world’s fastest elevators, 37 seconds from 5th floor to the 89th floor. The Indoor observatory located the 89th floor is the place to have a good view of the city. We made good use of the pre-recorded multimedia guides (included in the ticket price) & managed to get a deeper insight of what this city was before & now. After that we made our way to the 91st floor where the outdoor observatory is located. The wind was really strong & honestly the view from 91st floor wasn’t as great as the indoor observatory. A theater on the 91st floor showed the contruction of Taipei 101, as well as some of the past new years’ fireworks video. Also we saw the world’s heaviest wind dumper with 660 metric tons weight located at 88th floor, before making our way down to the shopping maill again.
Operation Hour: 10am-10pm daily

Me at the Taipei 101 Huge Logo

Inside Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

Taipei 101 Observatory Lobby at Level 5

Taipei 101 Observatory Lobby at Level 5

Ticket to Taipei 101 Observatory Tower
View of Taipei City from Taipei 101

Super Big Wind Damper

Super Big Wind Damper
Inside Taipei 101 Indoor Observatory at Level 89

Souvenir Shop at Tapei 101 Observatory at level 89

Taipei 101 at 390m (Level 91)

Outdoor Obsevatory of Taipei 101

Top of Taipei 101
Love Taipei 101

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