Beijing 105 – Peking Duck a.k.a. Beijing Roast Duck (北京烤鸭)

Whenever one is in Beijing, one must not miss the Peking Duck a.k.a. Beijing Roast Duck which is listed as one the Emperor’s dishes back in the old days. My sis & her friends took me to this Xi He Ya Ju(羲和雅居), near Ri Tan Park(日坛公园). We ordered so much food for 7 pax and in the end we couldn’t finish them all. My favourite dish of the night was the fried beef with sesame, though the Peking Duck was the main dish. Personally I found the Peking Duck is nothing special than the Roast Suckling Pig that we have here in Malaysia cause they both taste about the same to me. However, I also loved the Soup that made out of the bones of the Peking Duck. That was the 1st dinner I had in Beijing and I started to feel that I’m gonna be fat by the end of my 9-days trip. ^-^

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Entrance To The Restaurant – Xi He Ya Ju
Steamed Glutinous Rice In Lotus Root with Syrup
Poached chicken with peanuts, sesame and spicy sauce
Pork Ribs with Sweet & Sour sauce
BBQ Lamb Stick
Fried Beef with Sesame
Stir Fried Four Season Beans
Fried Glass Noodle with Gui Hua
Meat Roll
Special Name for Peking Duck – He-He Roast Duck
Cutting The Peking Duck
Peking Duck Meat
Peking Duck Skin
Side Dishes To Go With Peking Duck
Soup Made Out of Peking Duck Bones
Inside Xi He Ya Ju
Inside Xi He Ya Ju
Inside Xi He Ya Ju
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