Seoul 112 – Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁 /景福宮)

Gyeongbokgung is the Royal Palace built in Joseon Dynasty. One can easily get there via Gyeongbokgung Station of Seoul Subway Line 3. For a small fee of KRW3,000 (about MYR8.50), we were able to take a glance of the Korea Royal Palace. It was quite an empty place as more than half of the buildings were destroyed over the years mainly during the Japanese Occupation Period. Furthermore after almost 2 years in China, the palaces here in Seoul were pale in comparison to those that in China, and the Korean and China palaces look pretty similar to me. The only fun part was the hourly cultural show at the entrance gate. 

Cultural Ceremony At The Entrance Of The Palace

Cultural Ceremony At The Entrance Of The Palace
Me With The Traditionally Dressed Korean Guard

One Of The Main Gate
Geunjeongjeon (Hangul: 근정전; Hanja: 勤政殿)
Inside Geunjeongjeon
Inside Geunjeongjeon
Korean Styled Roof With Chinese Influenced
Inside The Living Area of The Old Time
One Of The Side Palace
Royal Garden
Inner Court
Lovely Imperial Garden

Another Side Palace
The National Folk Museum of Korea
Outside Of The National Folk Museum of Korea

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