Ho Chi Minh 119 – Pho 2000 Vietnamese Restaurant

This Ben Tranh adjacent pho shop is famous for one thing, serving former US President Bill Clinton beef noodle soup on his visit to Ho Chi Minh City. It was our last pho a.k.a. Vietnamese beef noodle during our 4 days trip to Ho Chi Minh. The restaurant was filled with tourist when we were there during lunch time so English menu was made available for easy ordering. For VND55,000 (about RM8.50) we got a bowl of the famous pho that had the US president visiting. Honestly, it was just an ordinary bowl of beef noodle and I think Pho Hoa at Pasteur Street is still the best pho place in Ho Chi Minh (click here for my previous entry on Pho Hoa). 

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant.. mainly tourist
The standard Vietnamese Pho a.k.a. beef noodle
The bright blue sky and big white clouds outside the restaurant
Address:Street 1-3 Ð Phan Chu Trinh
Tel:+84 8 3822 2788 
Business Hours: 6am – 2am

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