Shanghai Huang Pu River (上海黄浦江)

Shanghai Huang Pu River (上海黄浦江) is the most prominent place here where it divides the new & the old Shanghai. Pudong (浦东) is the new part of Shanghai, while Puxi (浦西) marks the historical side of Shanghai. I took a RMB50 one-hour cruise ride along the Huang Pu River to experience the magnificent side of Shanghai. Although it was freezing, I truly enjoyed the boat ride especially the night view as the night fell we were enjoying the breathtaking scenes of Pudong & Puxi from afar.
Ticket Counter for Huang Pu River Cruise at Wai Tan
Tickets to Huang Pu River Cruise
Huang Pu River Cruise Ship

Captain Getting People to Go On Board

China Flag Flying

Major Attractions Along Huang Pu River

Deck of the Huang Pu River Cruise
Puxi View

Puxi View

Pudong View

Puxi ViewPudong View

Pudong View

Pudong View with Huge TV Screen on A Boat

Puxi View

Seafood Restaurant On Huang Pu River

Night View of Pudong

Night View of Dong Fang Ming Zhu TV Tower (东方明珠电视塔)

Night View of Pudong

Night View of Zheng Da Guang Chang (正大广场)

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