Shanghai Food For Thought 105 – Kommune / Gong She (公社)

This famous Communism themed restaurant, Kommune / Gong She (公社) inside Tian Zi Fang (田子坊) is a favourite hangout for foreigners. They serves breakfast, toasts, pasta, sandwich, coffee and other western food. It’s a best brunch place for weekends. The place is a bit small and I find the tables inside are awkwardly small. But still I love the atmosphere and of course the food were also absolutely delicious. The price is a bit steep for Shanghai standard but what the heck since I don’t always get the chance to come over. Average food costs around RMB40-RMB60 per dish, and the portion is kinda small but just nice if you wanna sampler different foods on the menu. I absolutely loved the Lasagne and the sandwich, but the mushroom soup is slightly plain. In short, this place is lively filled with interesting crowd, and the food is simple yet delicious.

地址: 上海卢湾区泰康路210弄7号四合院(近瑞金二路)
电话: +86 21-64662416

Kommune / Gong She (公社)
Yummy Beef Lasagne
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Lamb Sandwich with Salad

Plain water with a touch of lemon

Inside Gong She

Inside Gong She with a touch of Communism

Inside Gong She with a touch of Communism

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