Food for Thought 144 – Breakfast at La Bodega

One lazy Sunday after church, my gal friend and I went for stomach pampering brunch at La Bodega. Apart from Tapas its famous cuisine, La Bodega does serves great breakfast. Since both of us were very hungry, we ordered the English Breakfast and Big Breakfast respectively. They looked almost the same on the menu. However, in English Breakfast, you can pick your choice of meat and vegetables (mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns), plus you will be given a free cup of coffee and a fresh fruit juice to accompany with the breakfast meal. As for Big Breakfast, they gave 2 eggs with the choice of how you want it to be cooked; scrambled, omelette, or sunny side up, plus beef bacons, toast bread, baked beans, mushrooms and sausages, which made up a very full & pretty plate of breakfast (although if there was a fruit juice or coffee/tea to go with the breakfast set would be perfect). I absolutely loved the mushrooms and the beef bacon. Although the price is about 6 times from normal noodle or rice items (Big Breakfast costs around RM 22++ while the English Breakfast costs around RM27++), but once awhile I wouldn’t mind splurging on great food as such at La Bodega. Of course, I also loved the shopping that came after the brunch at Pavilion KL ;-D
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La Bodega Pavilion KL
Inside La Bodega Pavilion KL
La Bodega English Breakfast
La Bodega Big Breakfast

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