Shanghai Tian Zi Fang (上海田子坊)

Tian Zi Fang (田子坊) in Puxi (浦西) is an area with old refurbished buildings with nice shops selling arts, handicraft, clothes, decoration, as well as cozy eating places with various cuisines. It is a nice area to take a stroll down the streets within the old buildings of Shanghai, and to experience the different side of Shanghai apart from the busy downtown skyscrapers.
Entrance to Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)
Map of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Street of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Shops of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Restaurant of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Teddy Bear Shop of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Street of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Oldern side of Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

Things selling at Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

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