Starbucks Coffee Malaysia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 2009 Planner

Starbucks Coffee Malaysia is celebrating its 10th anniversary on 17th December 2008. For the whole month of December, Starbucks Coffee is selling its limited edition leather cover 2009 planner at RM18 with any purchase of grande size beverages. The good thing is out of the RM18, RM1 will be donating to charity. I went to check out the limited edition 2009 planner yesterday and fell in love with the leather cover and its inlays. It even has the December 2008 month inside so I can starting using it now right away. Well, we all just love everything about Starbucks Coffee, don’t we?
Starbucks Coffee with a touch of Christmas Decor
My Starbucks Coffee limited edition 2009 planner with my mocha frappuccino
Inside the planner

Calender layout

Inlays of the planner

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