Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town, Penang – Review

Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang

Best Penang Chinese Restaurant & Penang Food in George Town – Tek Sen Restaurant (徳成飯店)

Penang is the best-known food heaven of Malaysia with much great food choice. Tek Sen Restaurant (徳成飯店) is one of the best Chinese restaurants in George Town, Penang and has been around since 1965. Featured on too many Penang food blog, I finally got a chance to try this restaurant when we were in town for a weekend getaway.

Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang

We walked to Tek Sen Restaurant for lunch after our visit to Chew Jetty in the morning. It was a full house on Sunday afternoon and we had to wait for a little while for our table. The menu was given while we were waiting and our orders were taken just before our table was ready. As we were only 2 people, we were seated with another couple on a shared table.

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Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang

Although the restaurant was buzzing, our food came quickly. Good Chinese restaurants like Tek Sen Restaurant are always highly efficient in order to turn around their tables fast. That’s the number rule for higher revenue and profits. No wonder this restaurant has been around for over 50 years.

Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang
Inside the packed restaurant

Signatures that we ordered included that Home Recipe Double Roasted Pork with Chili Padi (RM28+ for large portion), Steamed fish in “Teochew”Flavour (RM36+ for a fish enough for 2 person) & Prawns Omelette/Fu Yong Omelette (RM10+ for small portion), stir-fried asparagus with sambal sauce and prawns (RM16+ for medium portion). The star of the show was definitely the Double Roasted Pork with Chili Padi! It was so addictive and tasty, I could easily finish another plate by myself if I didn’t control myself. The steamed fish was good too, Big Teddy loved the tender pomfret flesh.  

Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang
Table full of food!


Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang
Home Recipe Double Roasted Pork with Chili Padi

Final bill just came under RM100 for 2 people including beverages. Not too expensive for a meal for two but probably more economical in a larger group.

So, have you been to Penang before? Or have you tried Penang food before? Penang cuisine has some of the best dishes, I hope you’ll get to try some soon.

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Address: 18, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Business Hours: 12.00pm–2:30pm, 6.00pn–8:30pm (Close on Tuesday)
Phone: +6012-981 5117

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Tek Sen Restaurant @ George Town Penang

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  1. You know a restaurant is legit when it’s been around for 50+ years! Their double roasted pork with chilli sounds delicious

  2. You ordered quite a lot for 2 people! Chinese meals are definitely more economical with a large group so you can tryorder a variety of dishes! I miss that kind of fish (I don’t know what it is called in English) – but I ate a lot of that when I lived in Penang.

  3. Over fifty years — wow! That means it must be a place serving delicious food. I agree with Susan that the double roasted pork looks mouthwatering. Now off to eat dinner… 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen fish prepared that way before, it looks delicious! I always judge a restaurant by how packed a place is haha, if that’s any indication then this place must be really good!

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