A Day In Singapore

I went to Singapore over the weekend to catch up with a few friends that I missed. It’s been a year since I last stepped foot onto the Singapore’s soil and I really missed the feeling of being in metropolitan. KL is so plain bored.
Although it was a bit rush but I did able to spend some quality time with some old friends. One of them is all set to start her new life in Europe soon with her soon to be hubby. Gosh, I still think of her as the lil gal who will never grow up but seems like time has worked its wonder and transformed her into a woman. I’m so glad that she has found her love and ready to move on to her new phase of life.
Another friend of mine just started work in the Lion city 4 months ago. When we met again at Orchard Road, we couldn’t stop talking and filling each other up with the latest happening in our lives. We softa became the teenage gals again when we first met in the university.
After so many years, many things have changed and evolved, friends like them are hard to come by and although we are living different lives now but the friendship that we have are definitely worth to cherish.

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