Paris 113 – Restaurant Le Perroquet Vert @ Montmartre

Our last night in Paris, we treated ourselves with a great dinner at Restaurant Le Perroquet Vert just around the corner from out hotel in Montmartre. This restaurant only opens for dinner, and we went there early to get a table as we didn’t make any reservations. Menus were all on the chalk board with set dinner (starter, main and dessert) for €32 with 5-7 different selections each. We spent another €20 on a carafe of wine.
This restaurant has been serving hearty French fusion food with North African soft accent since 1924. We picked the famous french starters, Foie Gras and Escargot, followed by beef tartare and mutton tajine (not quite French I know), and finally ended with sweet desserts like Baba Au Rhum (a small yeast cake saturated in hard liquor, usually rum) and chocolate fondue. The waiter was quite concerned when I ordered the beef tartate. He asked, “Ma’am, beef tartare is raw beef, you know?”. I was stunned by his question, maybe he thought Asians don’t know western food well, but he was genuinely concerned that I might not want to eat raw beef. I just replied him that I knew exactly what it is, and when my beef tartare came, it was quite cooked on the outside. Until today I still thought that the chef did that on purpose in order to take the raw taste down a notch. Regardless, all the dishes tasted really good and we enjoyed our dinner very much. I love the Foie Gras the most out of all the dishes. Controversial dish I know but I was in Paris and where else in the world to taste Foie Gras if it’s not here?!
Overall, we had the best food in Paris in this quaint little restaurant. So if you’re staying around Montmartre or Place Clichy do check out this restaurant, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Beef Tartate
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Tonight’s dinner menu

Inside the restaurant


Foie Gras

Beef Tartare

Mutton Tajine

Baba Au Rhum/ Yeast Cake with Chantilly Cream

Chocolate Fondue
Cheers to Paris~!

Address: 7 Rue Cavallotti, 75018 Paris, France
Tel: +33 173 202 167
Business Hours: 6.00pm – 11.15pm (Monday – Saturday); Closed on Sundays

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