I Was Robbed Again!

The safety issue in KL had deteriorated so much when I was away in China for 2 years… In merely 4 months I got robbed twice! It is no longer funny living in KL. I was driving home around 9.15pm on Monday night and stopped at a traffic light when 2 guys on a motorcycle smashed my car window and took my brand new Longchamp bag I bought from Hong Kong 🙁 Nothing important was stolen except for my new bag 🙁 I haven’t even used it for more than 2 weeks and it is now gone 🙁
I was very shocked and traumatized the night it happened and barely went to bed with all the lights on in my room. God I hope this would be the last time such bad thing to happen ever again! And gals… get your car windows protected with security tint!

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  1. hey….I just got robbed today!!!same manner!!!my car window broken at the Bukit jalil staduim signal and my bag gone!!!!damn…my first time…it no longer safe even in ur car!!!!!!

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