Japan 118 – Tonkatsu Ganko Restaurant (とんかつがんこ 奈良店) @ Nara

Tonkatsu Ganko Restaurant (とんかつがんこ 奈良店) is located in the shopping street of Nara after we came out from the Nara Park. This was our 1st Tonkatsu meal in Japan, which is a Japanese food which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, served with shredded cabbage, rice and miso soup.  
We treated our tour guide of the day for lunch here and the food was good. S and I ordered the mixed platter to share, while M and our tour guide ordered their individual plates. This restaurant also gave us the little bowl of goma (sesame) seeds that comes with every order to crush down these seeds into a powder which then can be mixed into our tonkatsu sauce. The pork here was quite juicy and packed with crunch in every bite and I love the sesame salad sauce that goes with the shredded cabbage. Overall it was a good value for money lunch as the 3 of us spent about ¥1,600 per person for 4 person’s meal, so average cost ¥1,200 per head. 

Official Website: http://www.gankofood.co.jp/shop/detail/ton-nara/
Address: 19 Higashimukinaka-machi, Central Nara, Nara, Nara Prefecture
(〒630-8215 奈良県奈良市 東向中町19)
Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

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