Krabi 105 – Krabi 4 Islands Tour by Speedboat

Our half day Krabi 4 Islands Tour by Speedboat arranged by Sheraton Krabi for THB1,200 per person was a quite an average trip if compared to the Koh Phi Phi Tour I had in Phuket few years back. Koh Tub and Koh Mor, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Poda and the bonus stop at Railay Beach were very crowded thus half day was more than enough to be out and about in the sun and sea. We were taken to the pier at 8am from the hotel and departed for the 1st island, Koh Tub slightly after 9am. Our speedboat was mainly foreigners, including a french family. The guide was quite good and he explained things properly in English. Lunch was provided in a lunch box with some rice with chicken and eggs, nothing fantastic but it did the job. We had some fun in the earliest moment after landed on the 1st island swimming around the small island, before the big groups of PRC tourist descended in life jackets and took over the 2 small islands. Almost all of them walk around and dipped into the swallow water in their life jackets. What an eyesore but I’d seen worst. After Koh Tub and Koh Mor, we went to the nearby Koh Gai for snorkelling. This time I had Big Teddy to hold on to when I was a bit wobbly, he’s like my personal float ;-D
By the time we got to Koh Poda around noon, it was extremely hot so we just lay down under the shades after finishing our packed lunch box. Toilet was in quite horrible state but I got no other choice. There was also a stall selling limited snack and drinks.  
After the lunch break we were taken to Railay Beach. I’d heard a lot about the rock climbing on that beach and was quite entertained to watch a few people attempted the huge rock wall. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that so kudos to those adventurous ones. It was high tide and the beach was almost non existent and the annoying beach resort’s  cafe refused entry of all non-house guest even though we were more than willing to pay whatever expensive drinks that they are selling. We ended up standing most of the time while waiting for the time to pass and the speedboat to come collect us. Finally in half an hour, we were bound for our return trip to the pier and our lovely resort. Overall, I think Koh Phi Phi is so much better in terms of scenery and although it was also very crowded but somehow the scenery made it much more bearable. For this Krabi 4 Islands tour, it was good to be out hopping different islands but I could foresee that without much awareness and tourist education, most of these islands won’t survive another 5 years. It’s quite sad because I really love Thailand and its many islands…  
With that islands hopping tour, my Krabi trip was coming to an end. We spent the last night at the resort and dined at Malati again followed by a nice massage at Mandara Spa in the morning before we went home to KL. Looking forward to next year’s birthday retreat~! Xoxo

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Koh Poda – The biggest island of the 4

Our 1st stop at Koh Tub and Koh Mor was the most quiet stop for the 1st 15 minutes

Testing my birthday present under the water

By the time we left Koh Tub it was overran by PRC tourists
The famous Koh Gai a.k.a. Chicken Island because of the shapes

Some jellyfish stuff

Lunch at Koh Poda

The famous rock climbing at Railay Beach
Arghh…. so many people!
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