Japan 105 – Kaneyo Restaurant (京極かねよ) @ Kyoto

Kaneyo Restaurant (京極かねよ) is a restaurant serving unagi (eel) for over 100 years in Kyoto that still cook the eel in traditional way since the beginning. All the eels are grilled over charcoal and basted with a fantastic sweet sauce, then served over rice. The restaurant is located in a smaller alley so Goggle Map came handy when we were looking for the restaurant. Menu were simple with price starts from ¥2,100. A bit expensive but it’s worth the experience. I absolutely loved the unagi over rice although there were some bones in the unagi. The unagi flesh almost melted immediately in my mouth and the rice was perfectly cooked. Overall, it was a perfect dinner and the end of day 1 in Japan…

English Menu
Inside the restaurant
Japanese Sake
Unagi Don
The charcoal fired kitchen
Address: 456 Matsugaecho, Rokkaku, Shinkyogoku Higashi iru, Nakagyo-ku 
Tel: +81 75-221-0669 
Business Hour : 11.30am – 9.00pm 
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