Japan 104 – Nishiki Market @ Kyoto

After Ramen lunch at Gogyu, we strolled to Nishiki Market (Kanji: 錦市場; English: Nishiki Ichiba) and got lost in all the food and shopping along the 5 blocks of over 100 shops. It is a famous marketplace in downtown Kyoto, located on a road one block north and parallel to Shijō Street (Kanji: 四条通) and west of Teramachi Street (Kanji: 寺町通), and best known to be the place to obtain many of Kyoto’s famous foods, souvenirs and goods. From Japanese cookware, ceramic knifes, chopsticks, bowls, fresh seafood, sashimi, cakes, snacks, etc so many things to offer and got my head spinning when I tried taking in all the sight and sound of the marketplace. Probably that was the reason why my wallet started bleeding quickly even on the 1st day of our trip…

Nishiki Tenman-gu Shrine

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