Ho Chi Minh 113 – Com Nieu Sai Gon Restaurant

Com Nieu Sai Gon Restaurant was recommended to me by a friend and after the rain stopped we decided to walk to restaurant about 20 minutes walk from the War Remnants Museum. The restaurant was quite empty when we were there as it was in between lunch and dinner hour. This restaurant is famous for its Traditional Com Dap (Char Coal Grilled Rice in Clay Pot) which the waiters will break the break the clay pot and throw the rice to one another across the restaurant. Anthony Bourdain once visited the restaurant and was so amazed by it (YouTube is at the end of this blog post).
For VND48,000 (about RM8), we got to see our rice been flew across the restaurant, and sampled some of the Vietnamese dishes like fried shrimps paste on sugar cane and fried spring rolls. Those were all tasted alright except for the grilled beef with black pepper which turned out a little overcooked. Other than that, the ambiance and service were good, price was reasonable too considering the media exposure by Anthony Bourdain. For those who wanna see some flying rice, this is the place to go in Ho Chi Minh…
Address: 19C Tu Xuong | District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 55555, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 3932 2799
The current shop not too far from War Remnants Museum
Menu – The famous Traditional Com Dap (Char Coal Grilled Rice in Clay Pot)
The shrimps menu
Traditional dishes menu
Inside the restaurant
Tea set
Traditional Com Dap (Char Coal Grilled Rice in Clay Pot)
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Fried shrimps paste on sugar cane
Fried Springroll
Grilled beef with black pepper
Below is the YouTube clip of of Anthony Bourdain’s visit to the restaurant before it was renovated and the lady owner was still alive…

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