The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale was back with over 3 million titles up for grab from 7th until 23rd December 2012. All books priced at 75% to 95% lower than their retail prices so that was the major drawing factor for the book lovers. For a nation with an average annual readership of fewer than two books per person, it was good to have such event to stir up some interest in books.
I can’t say I’m a book lover, but I do enjoy some good reads here and there. So I decided to check out the sale and went to the Mines Convention Centre in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, where the sale was located on Friday. The crowd was not as bad as I’d expected but the 12,500sqm fully air-conditioned hall was packed with
books and I struggled to browse through their selection. As it was tail end of the sales (3 days left) when I was there, I guessed most of the good titles had been grabbed by the early birds. I didn’t see many of the latest best sellers there, most of the books were older publication, especially the travel books which were 4-6 years outdated. I ended up buying mostly cook books (i.e. cocktails and spirit related) and a digital photography related book for RM8-RM20 each.
Overall, I thought the selection they had were vast but mostly older titles. I wish I had more time there to browse through the books but looking at too many books title was making me dizzy. For the extremely cheap price after discount, it was a good place to pick up some books that usually I wouldn’t buy, though I’d developed a fondness to use my iPad as e-book reader nowadays.

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Books that I bought

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