Phuket 103 – 99 Seafood Restaurant

Our first dinner in Phuket was at this 99 Seafood Restaurant located at the open air Patong Seafood Court not far from our hotel. It is one of the most popular seafood places at Patong beach, and we were too hungry to even walk further. The menu was quite standard with mostly seafood dishes. The prices were alright but I’d seen cheaper seafood in Bangkok. Anyway we were starving hence we quickly ordered our food and chose our seafood.  The place was filled with mainly tourists, PRC tourists to be exact. They were extremely loud and rowdy, the typical PRC tourists group that I’d like to avoid (safe from some exceptions with my PRC friends when I was working in China).
Fresh seafood on display
Dinner crowd on a Wednesday night
Thai chilli sauces

 While we were waiting for our food, fresh coconut is the perfect drink for beach holiday.

Fresh coconut for THB50
Slowly, our food came one by one. As this is an island and beach town, we had somewhat expectations for the seafood. I was slightly underwhelmed by most of the food served, except for the yellow curry powder crabs and the glass noodle with prawns. The seafood Tom Yam soup was salty and bland, the cockles were quite bloody and the steamed fish were totally forgettable. I think Somboon Seafood in Bangkok has better food and price is cheaper.
Fried vegetables that I barely touched cause I’m not a ‘vege’ person
Glass noodle with big prawns for THB350
Steamed cockles for THB250
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Seafood Tom Yam Soup for THB250
Steamed fish with lime and chilli for THB350
Yellow curry powder crabs for THB560
Total bills for 3 came up to THB2280. Although our first seafood dinner was somewhat average, we still left with full stomachs and some unfinished seafood on the table, and continued our night in Phuket walking around…
 Address: Patong Seafood Court, Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong, Phuket, Thailand
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