Food For Thought 186 – The Bar at Marini’s On 57

Marini’s On 57 is the new sky bar and restaurant right next to the magnificent KLCC Petronas Twin Towers. Since F’s birthday was Friday and she requested to celebrate it at somewhere new, we decided to try out this most buzzed new place in town. It was raining heavily, literally pouring cats and dogs, F and I left office early so we managed to reach KLCC before 6pm. Our first impression of the place was somewhat started off at a bad note when the lift that was supposed to take us straight to the Bar and Restaurant was not working and we waited like 15 minutes downstairs at the stuffy alley leading to the lift. Later, the staff gave up on the lift and took us to the office lifts instead which we had to change 2 lifts and walked one floor up from level 56 to the Bar and Restaurant located at level 57. That was actually the most trouble that I had to go through to get to a bar, not forgetting the walk from KLCC through the heavy rain.
When we got to the bar, the hostess and waitresses were clearly not ready for the crowd that came in together after the lift incident, they were so disoriented and unorganized in terms of assigning tables. We got one of the last few tables by the windows after some miscommunications and walking from one end to the other end. We tried to make reservations earlier that week but was told that reservations were full on Friday evening and they will only take walk in customers only depending on table availability. We were happy to get our table right next the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower, despite the heavy rain tried to dampen our spirits. The rest of the girls were late (as usual) so we started ordering their 5pm-9pm happy hours drinks first and some bar nites while waiting for the table. We tried to esquire about the restaurant across the hall as we wanted to have dinner when the rest of the girls came but the waiters in the Bar seemed totally lost and their supervisor had to came and check with us on what exactly that we were asking for. Since the Restaurant was just opened a day earlier on Thursday, we chose not to make a fuzz out of it and thanked the waiter who brought us the menu of the Restaurant….
*Below pictures are taken with my iPhone 4s
Before the lift that never came for us
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Right at the Level 57
The Bar in the center
Happy Hour Menu
Drinks Menu
Wine Menu
Liquor Menu
*Below pictures are taken with my Sony NEX 5N
Mojito @ RM25++


Prosecco Val D’oca Sparkling Wine @ RM25++
The place was still empty at 6pm (maybe because of the rain) but quickly filled up within the next hour (you can see from the pictures below). As it was raining, their alfresco area was closed and only reopened after the rain stopped much later into the evening. When the rain finally stopped at 7 something, we had a glimpse of a rainbow running through the KL city skyline. I must say that the view from the Bar was pretty amazing, one can admire the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower up close, and watch the sunset over the other side of KL, also the skyline of KL City with mountains and clouds as backdrop (all the lovely views could be seen below).
The Bar at 6pm


The Bar at 6pm
It was raining cats and dogs, their alfresco area was drenched


KL City in a rainy day


KLCC in a rainy day


Even in a rainy day we could still see the sunset view from the Bar
Rainbow over KL City after the rain
KL City night view
KL City at night
KLCC Park and Water Fountain
The Glorious KLCC Petronas Twin Towers
Bar was full at 8pm

Soon, C came over and we were still waiting for S and M, so we started ordering more happy hour drinks and bar snacks. I started with the Mojito which I thought it was quite good, not too sweet like those at WIP, and had Glenlivet Single Malt Whiskey as my second drinks. The waiter served the whiskey with ice in it when we specifically asked for ice and water at the side, and they dared to take out the ice and serve us again with the chilled whiskey, C and I were speechless over their service. Anyway, their bar snacks were good although expensive for that tiny portions, or maybe we were just too hungry waiting for the rest of the girls to find their way to KLCC through the notorious KL traffic jam….

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Bar Bites Menu
Bruschetta Platter @ RM28++
Fries with Home Made Truffle Dip @ RM15++
Glenlivet 12 years Single Malt Whiskey @ RM20++
White Baits with Sea Salt and Chives Dip @ RM25++
Melon Sundown Cocktail @ RM25++
The girls night out at Marini’s (So sad it turned out a bit blur… I hate those people who can’t take a decent picture with an expensive camera!)

…. to be continued… Pictures and review of Marini’s Restaurant coming up next here

*Updated: My blog entry on the restaurant at Marini’s On 57:

Address: Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hour: 5pm – 3am daily
Official Facebook Page:
Official Website:

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