In The End I Still Fell For Ipad…

I’m officially a proud owner of Ipad! After a few looking and playing with the new Ipad, I finally got hold of mine in Singapore on Tuesday! It cost S$1288 for my 64GB WIFI + 3G version and I could get another 5.5% GST refund for it. Total cost was S$1217(~RM2860)!
So what comes with the Ipad? Well there’s only the Ipad, the connecting Cable, and the power adapter. There is no earphone or even screen protector or casing that comes in the box. Hence I gotta spend some money to accessorize my Ipad. Well one thing good about living in China is that those accessories are actually cheaper there. So there shall be no more buying clothes or shoes for a couple of months & I shall use the money to ‘bling’ up my lovely Ipad ;-D
Still… I don’t want to switch to Iphone. I love Windows Phone & HTC more ;-p

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