My First Won Bid From ChikaPowWow – Nakamichi My Mini Plus Portable Speaker

Penny Auction websites had been around for some time now and I never really picked up any of those until recently. This new Malaysian auction site, ChikaPowWow attracted my attention with its hip design and easy to browse layout. Plus they are giving away free bids for new sign up, and all you need to do is to buy the bid packages, starting from 25 bids for RM37.50 (RM1.50 per bids), you will be on your way to winning some great prices. Well because I was new to auction sites, I started observing some of the bidding processes and try to observe trends with this kinda website. My first few attempts didn’t go quite well and wasted some bids along the way, then I discovered that I have to be really determined to get the item so that the chances of winning will be better. Also one should not go in too early in some hot bids (best selling items like iPhone, iPad etc) and established an entry and exit points to yourself.
I’d been eyeing for an portable speaker for my iPhone for some times now and never get the chance to get one. So when I saw the Nakamichi My Mini Plus portable speaker on ChikaPowWow, I decided to GET IT! It was quite an easy win I had to say maybe because it was a small item and it was listed during the non-peak hour, I got it with the help of the Robot Pow (i.e. Auto Bidder) with only 13 pows (i.e. bids as ChikaPowWow named it) at RM3.10. In the end, all in all including of shipping fee of RM12, I got myself a new portable speaker for RM34.60 instead of RM149, best part is also with some spare bids to use for future items. ^o^        

Retail Price:RM149.00
Cost of Pows (13 Pows):RM19.50
Last successful Pow price:RM3.10
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Discount Price:                 RM126.40

Nonetheless, I do think that this kinda of auction website has the element of gambling in it so i won’t encourage one to spend a lot of money on these websites. I was testing it for fun but I don’t think I’d ever spend hundreds to buy bids in order to try to bid for things that I might never get to win. Hence, if you think you are a lucky person, you can always try this website at your own risk, just don’t get addicted to it… 

For more exciting bids: 

My new portable speaker with extra built-in FM and Micro SD MP3 player

Controls at the bottom of the speaker
The wrapping was not done properly with the plastic box was badly broken when I received my item.
Complaint to ChikaPowWow and they gave me 10 free bids as apology.

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