Siem Reap 122 – Cambodian Styled Steamboat & Barbeque

Our last dinner in Siem Reap was the Cambodian Styled Steamboat & Barbeque which easily found along the busy food street within the famous Pub Street. We simply picked a stall and hoped for a good dinner. The food was simple, it came with a set of pre-selected combo (chicken, vegetables, noodle etc) for the steamboat and barbeque ( I think it was USD10+, couldn’t really remember now) and we also ordered some side dishes like the spring roll and grilled fish. Well I’d made the conclusion after being in Siem Reap for 3 days then that Cambodia food will never be my favourite as they are nowhere near spicy, mostly mixture of sweet, sour and saltiness. The food was just alright nothing to shout about, could be better if they cut down the MSG. Well, at least we could say that we had tried Cambodian styled Steamboat & Barbeque.
P.s. This is my last post on Siem Reap trip after almost 6 months delayed… I should start on my Bangkok trip soon…
The food street along the famous  Pub Street
Cambodian Sprig Rolls and Fresh Coconut
Cambodian Styled Steamboat and Barbeque 2 in 1
Cambodian Styled Steamboat and Barbeque 2 in 1
Cambodian Styled Grilled Fish

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