Food For Thought 182 – Chapati House Restoran Santa

When it comes to lunch around my office, I always do not get the luxury to have many choices of food to choose from. So when I in need of a quick lunch without going to the fast food like KFC and McDonald’s nearby, I’d go for this Chapati restaurant right behind my office. Despite the stuffy and after smell that one will get from the restaurant after eating there (actually most mamak places do give you that smell), this place is actually my favourite Chapati joint. For those who are not familiar with Chapati, Chapati is an unleavened flatbread (also known as roti/Puri) from the Indian subcontinent. Served with different sides like mutton curry, chicken curry, vegetables etc, chapati is actually quite filling. My favourite side dish to go with the chapati is always the mutton curry and this restaurant had one of the best mutton curry around town. However I do notice sometimes their mutton curry tends to be a little watery ( I preferred it to be thicker), the mutton nonetheless are tender and soft, making it a perfect match to the Chapati.
Usually, a chapati with mutton curry coupled with Teh Tarik will set me back around RM6.50, which is quite decent for a quick lunch.   

Address: Restoran Santa (Chapati House) Off Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman. (Entrance is facing Menara Bumiputra Commerce, next to Sogo)

The entrance of the restaurant, a little odd which one has to go do the staircase first.
Different side dishes to choose from
My Favourite Chapati and Mutton Curry
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