Beijing 119 – Guan Ji BBQ Bar (管记翅吧)

Apart from steamboat, Beijing people loves BBQ meat too. This local favourite Guan Ji BBQ Bar (管记翅吧) located near He Hua Shi Chang (荷花市场) and always packed with people. We waited for over half an hour before we got our seats. We ordered lots of BBQ chicken wings, mutton, chicken skins and bread to fill our stomach that night. The dinner was quite cheap (RMB60 for 2 pax) as this place only known to locals and I absolutely loved all the BBQ stuff, especially those spicy ones.

Guan Ji BBQ Bar (管记翅吧)
Cold Dish with cucumber, carrot slices & mushrooms
BBQ bread
BBQ chicken wings
BBQ meats & skins

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