Beijing 121 – Kao Rou Ji (烤肉季)

Kao Rou Ji (烤肉季) is a famous BBQ restaurant in Beijing which doesn’t serve pork. Their signature dish is their BBQ mutton of which we had tried. It wasn’t as oily as the other Chinese dishes I’d tried in Beijing and the mutton was simply delicious. I also loved the stir fried mutton with sour sauce which really opened up my appetite. The fried bun was a bit dry but that was just the smallest part of the whole meal. Price was on the medium side where we paid RMB140 for 2 pax.
Address: 西城区地安门外大街前海东沿14号(靠近什刹海前海北岸)
Tel : +86 010-64042554/ 64069719

Kao Rou Ji (烤肉季) restaurant at He Hua Shi Chang (荷花市场)

Kao Rou Ji (烤肉季) restaurant
Chinese Tea with Red Dates
Stir fried mutton with sour sauce
BBQ mutton
Fried bun with sesame

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