Christmas Carols Is In The Air…

It is about a month to Christmas from now…
As the 1st decade of 2nd millennium year is wrapping up by itself, I quietly started playing Christmas carols at home and in the office. Thanks to my Ipad which is now being used most as a music player due to its external speaker, the Christmas carols sounds more appealing that ever…
Well I haven’t been updating my Christmas songs for a while now and sometimes I still feel that the older albums are still better.Most of the albums that I’m playing now are old albums and I still love those jazzy feel type of Christmas album, like Oscar Peterson and Harry Connick Jr.’s albums. Other like David Archuleta’s is quite nice too as he has those angelic voice perfect for Christmas carols. These are some of the albums that I’m playing now in my Ipad:-
  1. The Manhattan Transfer – The Christmas Album
  2. Oscar Peterson – An Oscar Peterson Christmas
  3. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas
  4. Harry Connick Jr. – When My Heart Finds Christmas
  5. Babyface – Christmas With Babyface
  6. 98 Degrees – This Christmas
  7. David Archuleta – Christmas From The Heart
Sometimes now I start looking outside my window in the office and wish that it is snowing out there as the temperature is dropping close to zero now at night….  Oh well it is never too early to start dreaming of a White Christmas isn’t it? But where is the snow I wonder? It had been snowing now last year this time…. Let’s hope that I’ll have another white Christmas again this year 😉
Let it snow… Let it snow .. Let it snow….
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