Siem Reap 105 – Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm temple famous for its scenic surrounding with trees growing out from the ruins and also being a part of the Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie. This is definitely one of my favourite temples alongside Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple. The huge Tetrameles nudiflora trees growing all over the temples are simply magnificent and amazing to see how nature and man made structures survive along with each other. 
Built in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, this temple is one unique temple, which is much left with its original state until today, although on-going restoration work continues at site when we were there. It was not a big temple but I really enjoyed the slow walk through the temple with my camera in hand taking lots of beautiful pictures. Also thanks to the many trees in and around the temple, we were shielded from the hot sun for once. Unfortunately we didn’t get so lucky with the other temples…

I have a thing over these trees – Tetrameles nudiflora

Tuk Tuks outside the temple waiting for their passengers

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