My Cole Haan Tote Got A Facelift…

Thanks to Brenda and her team at Atelier, my 5 year old COLE HAAN tote had been brought back to life! The bag had been lying idle around for ages because I find the color of the leather had somewhat faded and no longer fresh looking as my other new bags that I bought after this bag. So I decided to give it a facelift by sending it to the hands of professionals to recolor the leather and clean it all up. In about 5 weeks and after much work had been done, I finally got back my 1st leather bag which cost me half my monthly salary then… And I was absolutely happy with the result! For a price of RM200 to 300++, one could easily give her lovely but faded bags a new life by sending them to places like Atelier. I’m glad I did and now my Gucci is in the midst of being cleaned up too 😉
For more information about Atelier, please visit their website:
Doesn’t this bag look new and shinny?


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