My First Photobook

I received my first ever Photobook from last week after I bought a great bargain from For RM64, I was entitled to redeem a Medium Landscape photobook of RM256 in value. But ultimately I decided to upgrade it to a Large Square photobook of RM272. I spent about 2 hours to put together a simple photobook consisted my best time in China over the past 2 years using the software provided. It wasn’t hard using the readybook template, what you need to do is to drag the pictures you want into the preset photobox and  upload the file when it’s done. Finally for RM15 delivery charge, I got my photobook professionally wrapped and delivered to my hands in less than 5 business days. Overall I am very satisfied with the product and started to feel the itch to start my 2nd photobook~! Let’s not waste all the nice pictures that I’d taken all these years~! I love Photobook~!
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