Money Grows? Money Goes? Money Gone?

Of late, the prompting for me to better manage my little pool of idle funds had become very prominent after seeing all the increased prices of every things in my life, from food, petrol, property, rental, clothes, shoes and many more.The saddest thing is that I realized that my salary can never catch up with the inflation. So I did some research of my own and feel that apart from the emergency funds to be set aside in Savings or Fixed Deposit Account, we should diverse our investment portfolio into property, gold, equity/stocks. Although the property price is high in Malaysia now, but I still think those property at prime locations will continue to boom, and I especially love the area that I’m staying now, which is Mutiara Damansara/Damansara Perdana enclave. With the new MRT coming up along that area, I sure hope the property price there will continue to go up further. Also although the Gold price is at historical high now, perhaps one should invest a little now and continue to monitor the price, since some experts said that the gold price might reach $1600 this year from current $1300 level. As for equity/stocks, perhaps some blue chips will be able to generate some dividend while waiting to make some capital gain. Hence, starting small will online stock trading might be a good idea for young investors.
So below are some of the sites that I turn to for references and hope these links will shed some lights for others too. ^-^
Malaysia Property Guide 

Malaysia Gold Investment Account 

Malaysia Stock Trading 
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