Shanghai Xu Jia Hui Area (上海徐家汇区)

Shanghai Xu Jia Hui Area (上海徐家汇区)is a busy downtown commercial district in Puxi (浦西). The most famous landmark of this area is the Xu Jia Hui Cathedral/St. Ignatius Cathedral (徐家汇天主教堂) which has been featured in many movies & tv series. I took a stroll down the street of Xu Jia Hui on a Sunday afternoon and went to check out a few shopping complexes in that area. I like the Gang Hui Plaza (港汇广场) which is much more spacious and modern with lots of familiar western outlets. The other Hui Jin Plaza (汇金百货)is more for OL and mid range brands, but I find the space inside is a bit too crowded. They also have a famous IT plaza,Mei Luo Cheng (美罗城) but I didn’t check out the place. Overall I found that area was a bit too crowded to my liking, especially the shopping complexes. But still this is Shanghai with over 20 million population, which is about 90% of Malaysia’s population, so I guess I couldn’t complain much about the crowd here.  


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Xu Jia Hui Cathedral
Xu Jia Hui Cathedral
Road of Xu Jia Hui
Zhen Gong Fu (真功夫) – China Fast Food
Mei Luo Cheng (美罗城) – IT Plaza
Mei Lo Cheng (美罗城) – IT Plaza

Gang Hui Plaza (港汇广场) – High End Shopping Mall

Inside Gang Hui Plaza (港汇广场)

Inside Gang Hui Plaza (港汇广场)

Hui Jin Plaza (汇金百货) – Mid-range Plaza

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