Shanghai Food For Thought 103 – Ming Dong Korean Restaurant (明洞本家韩国碳烤)

This Korean restaurant is located in the same building with my office. The shop is a bit small but the decoration is simple & nice, and the service is good. They serves Korean BBQ and other simple Korean dishes. Since it’s just the two of us, my friend & I ordered a Kimchi Steamboat ( 韩国泡菜火锅) only RMB80 and another Korean Seafood Pancake (韩国海鲜煎饼)for RMB50 for dinner. Of course the two of us couldn’t all the food, but I really like the Kimchi Steamboat. Although it is not as spicy as I wished, but the taste of the soup itself is good enough. Address/ 地址: 浦东新区浦东南路1138号上海湾广场2楼(近张杨路)Tel/ 电话: + 86 21-58776620 Ming Dong Korean Restaurant (明洞本家韩国碳烤)

Kimchi Steamboat ( 韩国泡菜火锅)

Side Dishes

Korean Seafood Pancake (韩国海鲜煎饼)

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