Ho Chi Minh 108 – Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant

Our first dinner in Ho Chi Minh was at Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant, thanks to Brian who brought us there. Apparently it is a favourite restaurant in Ho Chi Minh of tourists, expats and even locals. We had a pleasant dinner there as we got to try many different Vietnamese dishes. As Vietnamese food are generally filled with vegetables and I’m not quite a fan of vegetables, hence some of the dishes tasted quite bland without chilli. The BBQ skewers tasted the best, followed by the Shrimp Hash on Sugar Cane, probably I’m a carnivore. However the clams in lemongrass was quite tasteless but the rest of the food were alright. Nonetheless the Sapporo Beer was so cheap and so good in Vietnam, we just loved drinking it all night. 
Overall, the price seemed reasonable, the food presentation was good and the ambiance was great and clean. It was definitely a good place to sample different Vietnamese food in downtown Ho Chi Minh.
Address: 160 Pasteur Street, Phuong Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh 
Tel: +84 8 3827 7131

Sapporo Beer

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese BBQ Skewers

Shrimp Hash on Sugar Cane and Vietnamese Salad

Pounded Shrimp Hash Fried on Sugar Cane

Vietnamese Pancake

Steamed Clams in Lemongrass

Vermicelli with Roasted Pork and Spring Roll

Table full of food

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