Food For Thought 154 – Kuantan Terminal Satay Zul

For as long as could remember, I grew up eating the satay from this place – Terminal Satay Zul. This famous restaurant located at a corner shoplot along the main road of Jalan Alor Akar (enroute to Teluk Cempedak) serves one of the best satay that I’ve ever tried. Every time I got the chance to go back Kuantan, I’d definitely get some satay from this place to satisfy my stomach. This time around I got my family some chicken satay at RM0.60 each per stick. Although the queue was long for take out orders but the satisfaction of savouring the satay made it all worth while. Apart from Satay, their Nasi Lemak is also quite good. So next time if you are around Kuantan town at night, don’t miss this famous satay/sate joint.Address: A-2600, Jalan Alor Akar, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang
Tel: +609-5670898

Kuatan Terminal Satay Zul
People busy making satay

Yummy Satay Sauce

Satay & Sauce


Yummy Chicken Satay

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  1. Hi greetings from London, I agree Satay Zul offers superb food, and if you sit inside the staff are so friendly, visiting Kuantan again in February 2010 and will certainly be stopping off for satay on the way to Teluk Chempedek and a stay at the Hyatt where the food is less impressive…lol.

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