OMG I Was Locked Inside My Own House

OMG I locked myself outside my room and inside my own house for the first time after 3 years of staying here. I was in a rush on a Friday morning and only realised that I left my keys in my room after I’d locked my room. The worst thing is I couldn’t get out of the house now with the front door locked too. I was freaking out cause I don’t know what to do to get myself out of the situation. After a few deep breath and a few phone calls, I decided to try open the room door my own using any cards that I could find in the house. After an excruciating half an hour, I managed to open the room door myself, after spoiling 3 cards and a few hard knocks that went absolutely futile. Thank God I was able to spare myself from all the unexpected expenses to get someone to unlock the doors. I had already spent some unexpected money for my car this week because of the stupid flat battery. Hmmm… I don’t know why this week all the bad things kept happening to me. Nonetheless, I always manage to overcome the situation with my ‘superwoman’ character and ability. Who needs a locksmith anyway. Toast to the 21st century independent woman~!

Poor card that got spoilt but saved my day

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