Beijing 126 – The 13 Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty (明十三陵)

Ding Ling (定陵) is one of the most famous tombs of the 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors who were buried here. Ding Ling is the tomb of the Wanli Emperor, is the only one of the Ming Tombs to have been excavated since 1956. It is underground tomb that buried the Emperor and two of his Empresses. It looked a bit gloomy and scary when we entered the tomb, perhaps was the cold air we felt inside. The idea of visiting someone’s tomb wasn’t really that exciting but still I paid RMB60 for the one-time trip to see part of this World heritage Site that took 276 years to complete. Amazing isn’t it? 276 years are very very long time….
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Mountains where Ding Ling Located
Ding Ling Museum
Map of Ding Ling
Lin Xing Gate (棂星门) – The gateway to the afterworld
Five Stone Sacrificial Vessels (石五供)
Door of the underground tomb
The underground tomb
The underground tomb
The coffins of the emperor & empresses
Exit of the underground tomb

The map of the 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors’ Tomb

The Feng Shui Plate to find good locations

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