Summer Movie Marathon

I was never a big fan of Batman’s franchise, but this latest edition of the Batman’s movie is a real interesting one. I like it because it’s a real, dark, deep hero story that I’ve not seen before. Heath Ledger had made his greatest impression through this movie in my personal opinion and it is sad that he’s no longer with us anymore. Overall I did enjoy this 2 1/2 hours movie.
I enjoyed this action-packed movie. This summer has been a hero-packed summer with all the hero movies lineup. My first choice is definitely Iron Man followed by Batman but Hellboy did stand out as well. Although most of the characters look a little bit weird and hardly likable to me but so long it is action-packed, most of the audiences would have just overlooked it.
I watched this movie all because of Angelina Jolie and this over the top action movie is way too over the top with the flying bullets. For entertainment sake this movie was okay, just don’t bring your logic with you to the cinema.
It seems like the Asian culture especially the Chinese culture has made it marks in Hollywood which further reassured by this cute cartoon. I always loved cartoons cause they always filled with fun and laughter. Jack Black did a good job with Po the Panda and all the children must have watched this movie more than once.
This movie reminded me of a lot of other comedy movies with all the messy beginning & later the happy ending. Cameron is getting a little ‘cliche’ with all these same roles. Overall the movie was just okay for me.
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