Ho Chi Minh 120 – Nha Hang Hue Restaurant

Our last meal in Ho Chi Minh was at a Hue styled restaurant, Nha Hang Hue Restaurant near the Ben Tranh Market. Hue was the former capital city of the Nguyen dynasty, famous for its imperial cuisine. For VND260,000 (abour RM39), we had 2 starters/appetizers, a rice dish and a noodle. Unfortunately, they were not my kind of food and I didn’t quite like most of them at all. My Hue Style Rice with Baby Clams was extremely dry and tasteless, and the worst was the Hue Imperial Egg Rolls that wasn’t cooked in the inside! Such bad luck to end our trip in Vietnam with a lousy meal but I was definitely started craving for all the spicy food back home in Malaysia… Nasi Lemak is still one of the best food on earth!

Inside the restaurant
Com Hen (Hue Style RIce with baby clams)  
Pounded Shrimp Hash Fried on Sugar Cane
Ram Hue (Hue Imperial Egg Rolls)
Bun Bo Cha Cua (Hue Styled Beef Noodle)
Our final bill

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