Iron Man – A Comeback Act from Robert Downey Jr.

I watched the Iron Man last Wednesday. I went for the movie without knowing what the story will be and unexpectedly it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I was impressed by the brilliant performance from Robert Downey Jr., and truly he is the one who made the whole movie so interesting. I missed Robert Downey Jr. from the days of “Chaplin” and “Ally McBeal”. He was such a talented actor. I remembered he portrayed the role of Charlie Chaplin so fine til he made me cried watching the movie. When he was in Ally McBeal, my all time favourite TV series, he has lighten up the show. I was sorry that he lost a big part of his life battling drug addiction, and sure am glad that he has made a comeback after so many years going around unnoticed. So watch out for Robert Downey Jr., cause HE’S BACK!

Iron Man (Picture from Paramount Pictures & Marvel Studio)

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