Japan 128 – Walking Around Kobe and Sanyo Shinkansen

After our sumptuous Kobe beef lunch, we walked around Kobe city and did some shopping from DHC and Muji etc. I even bought 2 pairs of heels randomly while walking down the streets of Kobe. 

The food section of Muji here is super huge
So does the household section of Muji
Some odd Mediterranean buildings we saw in Kobe
After we were done with Kobe, we took the Sanyo Shinkansen from Kobe back to Osaka in less than 15 minutes (13 minutes to be exact as compared to the traditional train ride of 20 minutes) since it was already covered in our Kansai Wide Area Pass. This was my first time on a Shinkansen although I’d taken countless of bullet trains during my 2 years stint in Tiajin/Beijing. Even though it was just a short ride, the experience was quite pleasant with ladies only carriage and power plugs available for this power hungry generation. The things that I’d always love about train traveling in Japan is the the trains are absolutely on time and you can easily check their schedules and boarding platform online using HyperDia.com which is super efficient and convenient.
Do you know that the Sanyo Shinkansen travels at a maximum speed of 300km/h (185mph)? Is that fast enough for you? Also do you know the first Shinkansen was put into service in 1964? 
For more information about the Shinkansen, please check out https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinkansen
The Sanyo Shinkansen driving in
Waiting to get in
Inside the Shinkansen
Power socket for the power hungry generation
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Our ride from Kobe back to Osaka
Since this was a girls’ trip, we used the ladies only carriage

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