Beijing 151 – Xi Bei You Mian Cun Restaurant (西贝莜面村)

Xi Bei You Mian Cun Restaurant (西贝莜面村) across our hotel was our last place for lunch before we headed home. It is a chain Mongolian cuisine restaurant across China. Mongolian food is filled with meat so we ordered almost all meat dishes, from slow cooked whole fish (a.k.a. Kung Fu fish on the menu), beef stew, lamb skewers, Chinese hamburger and signature noodle in minced lamb soup. I liked the beef stew the most and the Chinese hamburger the most as the meat was juicy and tender. The rest of the dishes were good too (fish had too much of bones though) but again we over ordered and left quite a bit behind again… For about RMB250, it was yet another sumptuous meal marked the end of our Beijing trip. It was quite a fun trip (apart from my skiing accident that hurt my knee) and we will definitely return again~!

Signature Noodle in minced lamb soup (羊肉热汤莜面窝窝) for RMB12
Cold pressed juice
Kung Fu Fish (功夫鱼) for RMB56
Chinese Hamburger (肉夹馍 ) a.k.a. Lamb in Pita Bread for RMB9 each
 BBQ Lamb Skewers (生烤羊肉串) for RMB10  each
Beef stew in Hot Pot (小锅牛肉) for RMB98
Basement entrance to the restaurant
Official Website (Chinese only):
Address: B1 Floor, Xinshijiebaoding Department Store, No.7 Dongdamo Chang St., Dongcheng [东城区东打磨厂街7号新世界百货时尚店B1楼(祈年大街东北角)]

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