Bye Bye 2015~!

2015 ended with fireworks across KLCC skyline where I watched from the rooftop of Vipod Residences. It was a spectacular end to a happy year. Next year, I wish I could see another city’s new year’s fireworks elsewhere, London perhaps?
The past 12 months were more of a personal journey with that special someone, as career continue to stall as the economic outlook soften and deal flows were slow. So I traveled lots with Big Teddy in 2015, from Beijing, to Singapore, Krabi, London (twice!), Devon, Amsterdam, Bangkok (once with Big Teddy and once with the gals) and Penang. A couple that travel together stays together right? Travel really makes me happy and I wish I could do it at a professional level some day. 
Also this year we had a company convention at Bali and I had quite fun time organizing it with bunch of fun colleagues. My blogging momentum was slowly coming back after an on off hiatus over the last 2 years, and I hope I could keep that up into 2016. Fitness wise, it was not as great as I’d wished for but at least I got 90% clean bill of health at recent medical checkup, apart from my blood sugar level is slightly diabetic which was probably due to genetic. Still some way to go shed some of the fat which will be my 2016 carried forward resolution… again… 
It has been a good year overall, there were definitely areas for improvement, in both personal and professional lives. In the coming year, I need to pick up my blogging momentum, as this is what I really love doing, and I need to pick up healthier diet and better fitness regime. Work wise I hope some of the deals that I’ve been working on will turn fruitful and I can be close more new deals, else it will be another unsatisfied year at work. 
“Organise” will be the key word for 2016 as I need to keep a few things in life organised, from my home to my iPad and my wardrobe to my work desk. There are so many things that I need to keep them neat and tidy! 
Therefore, I’m hopeful that 2016 will bring some new and wonderful adventures, as I continue to explore what’s next to come. Let it be another good and happy in 2016~!
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