Beijing 143 – Yu Jia Ao Restaurant (渔家傲) @ Mutianyu

After our morning day out at the Mutianyu Great Wall, we stopped by Yu Jia Ao Restaurant (渔家傲) located at the village just outside the Great Wall entrance for lunch. Mutianyu Great Wall is located at Huai Rou district which is famous for trouts farming, and this restaurant allows you to catch your own rainbow trout then cooked it on the spot for you. 
First, we picked a trout from the pond and send it the kitchen for cooking, then we went back to the restaurant to order the rest of the food. I felt kinda bad for the fish that Big Teddy picked as the restaurant staff picked it up and knocked the life out of it in front of us. 
Since there were only 2 of us, we only ordered few dishes. started with the cold seaweed and tofu salad (RMB16), then Braised Pork with Chestnuts (板栗红烧肉) (RMB42) and mixed vegetables (RMB22). Of course the star of the show was the Grilled Rainbow Trout (烤虹鳟) (RMB28 per 500gm + RMB12 cooking fee), which was grilled with chili and pepper to perfection. We really enjoyed the lunch at this small village restaurant in the suburb of Beijing, away from all the crowds of the city dwellers. Definitely will stop by again for some grilled fish next time I come by Mutianyu Great Wall, although I wonder when will that be???

Catching live fishes
Braised Pork with Chestnuts 
Seaweed and Tofu Strips Salad
Mixed Vegetables
 Grilled Rainbow Trout 

Address: HuaiRouQu BoHai Zhen Wei Dian Cun, Beijing
怀柔区 渤海镇苇店村(近慕田峪长城)
Tel: +86 10-61621468
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