Cuti Cuti Malaysia 107 / Food For Thought 217 – Kafe Sun Yoon Wah @ Ipoh Old Town

Kafe Sun Yoon Wah at Ipoh Old Town is famous for their snow beer of which they freeze their beer glasses and pour the cold beer right into the frozen glass to create a smooth silky foam texture. Since the restaurant is just around the corner from Sekeping Konh Heng, we walked over for supper and found ourselves surrounded by locals and a LED stage set up for a live band. The place was busy, loud and noisy but we soon found a table facing the stage. Snow beer is a must to order here so we quickly took a big bottle of Carlsberg and get the beer flowing throughout the night. The so called snow beer is actually quite smooth and delightful to drink. We also ordered the stir fried roast pork with onions and chilli  (爆烧肉) to pair with the beer and it was extremely addictive. Big Teddy perhaps felt a bit out of place as he was the only Caucasian there and the band was playing mainly Chinese songs. But still, it was uniquely Malaysia especially in this part of Ipoh Old Town….

The Famous Snow Beer

Fried roast pork with onions and chilli  (爆烧肉)

Address: 7, Jalan Bijeh Timah, Ipoh 30000
Tel: +605 253 9980 
Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 3:30 pm – 3:00 am

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