Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin (天津盛捷奥林匹克服务公寓)

This was my home for 1-month when I first landed in Tianjin. This place is known to be the center of Japanese hangout, with over 80% residents are mainly Japanese. The building is old, over 10 years I think, and the layout of the room is a bit old fashioned, some cupboard designs are even odd. However, it was much spacious than Shanghai Sheraton, with once of the best view in Tianjin City Center facing the beautiful old bungalows of Wu Da Dao (五大道). They also have a nice bar, Sitong (昔唐) downstairs which has a Philippino band playing every night. I had a few drinks there and found that the crowd are mainly young expats, some were likely students as well. Other than the bar, they have also a few restaurants, a bakery & a japanese supermarket which make my stay there quite a convenient one.

Official Website:
Address: 天津市天津成都道126号
Tel: +86 22-23355888

Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin (天津盛捷奥林匹克服务公寓)

Living Room
Dining Area

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  1. nice place with kitchen, i went singapore recently, and sommerset in singapore is quite expensive S$185++ so didn’t stay there, nice that they have kitchen 🙂

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